October update

Concrete Winds – Nerve Butcherer LP (black/death chaos)
Depression / Repuked – Split LP (grinding death metal)
Eyemaster – Conjuration Of Flesh LP (death metal)
Insane – Wait And Pray LP (thrash metal, 2021 reissue on purple vinyl)
Ossuary – Cremation Ritual LP (death/doom, first demo on black and silver vinyl)
Ossuary – Forsaken Offerings 7″ep (new ep on black and white vinyl)
Sacrilege – Behind The Realms Of Madness LP (2023 reissue of this masterpiece)
Scald – Will Of The Gods Is Great Power LP (epic doom metal, electric blue vinyl)
Slaughter – Strappado LP (death/thrash classic, original mix)
Trench Hell – Southern Cross Ripper LP(speed/thrash from Down Under, bone vinyl)