June update

Agregat – Agregatke dol LP (repress, hardcore/punk /grind)
Carnage – The Day Man Lost… Infestation Of Evil – The 1989 demos LP (Swedish death metal, demos)
Catasexual Urge Motivation – The Encyclopedia of Serial murders 2xLP (Japanese death/grind)
Dysentery – …Bring Me No Tears LP (death/grind from 1993, first time on vinyl)
Necrolepsy – Necrology LP (Finnish death metal, discography)
Rotting Flesh – Mesologic Colliquative Effects Upon… LP (noisy Brazilian death/grind, discography)

May update

CarlxJohnson – Hesoyam LP (Slovenian power violence, one sided LP)
Frogskin – III – Into Disgust LP (Finnish doom/sludge, black vinyl)
Frogskin – III – Into Disgust LP (Finnish doom/sludge, green vinyl)
Fuck On The Beach / Terlarang – Split LP (power violence/grind, black vinyl)
Fuck On The Beach / Terlarang – Split LP (power violence/grind, orange vinyl)
Janky – Dead Society 1983-1987 LP (Japanese hardcore punk, black)
Janky – Dead Society 1983-1987 LP (Japanese hardcore punk, white/blue splatter)
Unruly – Hominid LP (doom/sludge from New Zealand)
Various Artists – Buka i Urlik LP (reissue of a hardcore punk compilation tape from 1983, black)
Various Artists – Buka i Urlik LP (reissue of a hardcore punk compilation tape from 1983, orange)
Various Artists – Novi Sad hardcore punk in the 90’s Vol.3 LP (Oi punk demos from Novi Sad, Serbia

Out Of The Darkness #16 fanzine+CD

April update

Anti Otpad – Totalno sam ljut na ovaj svijet! (re-stock of this Croatian hardcore punk classic)
Bolesno Grinje – The last grinjober LP (last copies!!!)
Bulldozer – The exorcism LP (1984 demo tape of this evil black/speed metal Italians)
Indigesti – Osservati dall’inganno LP (classic Italian hardcore from 1985)
Koridor – Kroz pukotine LP (Croatian dark post-punk)
Raw Power – Screams from the gutter LP (Italian HC classic)

Mižerija – S/T 7″ep (anarcho post-punk from Nigdjezemska, 2nd press)

Small update

A couple of records that arrived at the end of last year:

Atomck – Towering Failures LP
Hozomeen – The Void LP
Siege – Drop Dead – Complete Discography 2xLP (black)
Siege – Drop Dead – Complete Discography 2xLP (silver/red/black splatter)

A couple of new records in stock

Armagedom – Silêncio Fúnebre LP (Brazilian thrashcore, reissue of their 1986 album)
Cambio Negro – Ecos do 3° Mundo LP (Brazilian hardcore punk, recorded in 1989)
Contropotere – È Arrivato Ah Pook LP (reissue of their 1986 demo)
Delinquentes – Tapes Delinquentes Klassiks LP (Brazilian hardcore punk, demos from 1988-1993)
Ego Fix – Total filth squad – discography 1995-1997 LP+CD (Japanese grindcore)
Sissy Spacek – Benigemony asiniscrepancy LP (US noisecore)

October update

Concrete Winds – Nerve Butcherer LP (black/death chaos)
Depression / Repuked – Split LP (grinding death metal)
Eyemaster – Conjuration Of Flesh LP (death metal)
Insane – Wait And Pray LP (thrash metal, 2021 reissue on purple vinyl)
Ossuary – Cremation Ritual LP (death/doom, first demo on black and silver vinyl)
Ossuary – Forsaken Offerings 7″ep (new ep on black and white vinyl)
Sacrilege – Behind The Realms Of Madness LP (2023 reissue of this masterpiece)
Scald – Will Of The Gods Is Great Power LP (epic doom metal, electric blue vinyl)
Slaughter – Strappado LP (death/thrash classic, original mix)
Trench Hell – Southern Cross Ripper LP(speed/thrash from Down Under, bone vinyl)

End of the summer update

Bolesno Grinje – The Last Grinjober LP (back in stock)
Bolesno Grinje – Grd LP (back in stock)
Bolesno Grinje – 13 LP (back in stock)
Bolesno Grinje / Sodn Dan – Split LP (back in stock)
Electrozombies – He Visto LP (doom/crust)
Fatum – Life Dungeons LP (crust)
Fatum – Time Passes To The Dark LP (crust)
Fight Back / Agathocles – Split LP (crusty punk/mincecore)
Genital Masticator – From Originality To Vulgarity LP (noisecore demo from 1992)
Hibernation – In The Years Of Desolation LP (crust)
Iskra – Ruins LP (black metal/crust)
Muka – Patologija Poniznosti LP (black metal)
Mutabo / Hellexist – Split LP (crust)
Ommnus / My pitbull Lucifer – Split LP (deathdoom/doom stoner)
Po’ Metra Crijeva – Boškarin IV LP (ča metal)
Regurgitate – Effortless Regurgitation Of Bright Red Blood LP (goregrind classic from 1994)
Regurgitate – The Torture Sessions LP (demos + split 7″ep)
Ruinas – S/T LP (crust)
Ruinas / Chaosbringer – Split LP (crust/death metal)
Satan Panonski – Nuklearne Olimpijske Igre LP (reissue)
Storm Of Sedition – Decivilize LP (black metal/crust)
Terrorizer – Before The Downfall 1987-1989 2LP+CD (complete demos)
Udav – Creepy New Career LP (noisy rock)
Vastation / Mutabo – Split LP (deathcrust/mutant punk)
Violent Noise Attack – Complete Deafness 1988-1989 LP (noisecore)
W.B.I. – Storm From The Baltic Sea – Early Massacres 1987-1991 LP+CD (noisecore)
Wilt – S/T LP (death metal/crust)

Crusty update

Exploator – Blind Elit LP (Swedish hardcore punk)
Extinction Of Mankind – Baptised In Shit LP (re-issue)
Hiatus – From Resignation… To Revolt LP (re-issue)
Hiatus – Out Of Hand LP (new album)

May update

Acute – Who Wants War 2LP+CD (80s Japanese hardcore punk)
Anatomia / Shambles – Abyssal Doom Oriental LP (death/doom from Japan/Thailand, black and gold vinyl)
Blue Vomit – Discografia 198X LP Italian hardcore punk, pre-Nerorgasmo)
Dripping Decay – Watching You Rot onesided LP (US death/grind)
London 77 – Iustitia LP (Italian noisy hardcore punk)
Minenfeld – The Great Adventure LP (death metal)
Nerorgasmo – Passione Nera: Discografia 1985-1993 2LP (Italian dark hardcore punk)
Nulla Osta / Warfare – Split LP (Croatian/Italian hardcore punk)
Rosenfeld – Pigs Of The Empire 2xLP (Japanese thrash/speed metal, first time on vinyl)
Stigmathe – Corri e sopravvivi: studio, demo & live 1983-1985 LP+CD (complete discography)
Various Artists – A Fucking Tribute to Hellhammer LP (hardcore crust punk tribute to Hellhammer)
Various Artists – Novi Sad Hardcore Punk In The 90s Vol. 2 (demo recordings from 90’s Novi Sad hcpunk scene)
Voidd – Final black fate – complete recordings 1990-1992 2xLP+CD (Japanese death/thrash)
Voyeur – Primal Instinct LP (US death metal)
Warhead – この想いを何処へ… LP (Japanese hardcore, first album from 1993)

Out Of The Darkness #14 fanzine

A small F.O.A.D. update

Disharmonic Orchestra – Repulsive Overtones? 1988-1989 2xLP (Austrian death grind, black vinyl)
Mayhem – As The World Burns – Complete Recordings 1986-1987 2xLP (Portland speed metal, black and die-hard version)
Military Shadow – Metal Punk Ironfist LP (Tokyo metal/punk, original and re-recorded version of the album, black and die-hard version)