Bolesno Grinje artwork

Bolesno Grinje – The Last Grinjober LP artwork is done! The LP is about to go in production, so it should be out in late march/early april. This will be their last release after 20 years of grinding. Check their new song “Voices from the void”.

Bolesno Grinje – The Last Grinjober LP out soon!

Bolesno Grinje “The Last Grinjober” LP will see the light of day in a couple of months. This is their final album after 20 years of grinding. It will be a co-release between Sumoggu Records, Monte Paradiso Reloaded and Fucking Kill Records. Story between BG and Sumoggu goes a long way back. Before there was Sumoggu, a couple of friends had Demonkracija Records and we wanted to realese their first demo on tape, but nothing came out of that. After ten years or so, with a couple of other labels we relased their “13” album (along with their last two albums) . This will be a nice way to finish the story.Check their new song Strvinari here: Strvinari