Summer update part I

Cruz – Culto abysmal LP (death metal/crust from Spain, clear vinyl comes with a woven patch)
Chaosbringer / Ruinas – Split LP (death metal/crust/stenchcore from Russia/Argentina)
Wilt – S/T LP (death metal/grind/crust from the USA)
Iskra – Ruins LP (black metal/crust from Canada)
Vastation / Mutabo – Split LP (death metal/crust from the USA, crust punk from Serbia)
Electrozombies – He visto LP (doom/sludge/crust from Chile, album from 2008 first time on vinyl)

Distro update part two

Bastard Noise / CSMD – Man’s epitaph / Noise bomb the cosmos Split LP
Bastard Noise / Bloodred Bacteria – From zero to hero and blackwards LP (one sided)
Dead – Hardnaked but dead! LP (death/grind)
Squash Bowels – Grindcoholism LP (red vinyl) (grindcore)

Grd is out on vinyl!

The LP’s are here. Well, they’ve been here for almost a week but just now had the time to put this up. It’s another killer release from Bolesno Grinje. Much heavier, darker and faster then usual. The cover artwork is done by Rectopus Art. The vinyl looks great, you can choose between black and white color. The whole album is on their bandcamp page also.