Posters are in!

The silk screened poster for the limited edition of Cancerous Mankind LP are done. Still waiting for the test pressings, but they should arrive soon. Check the site for more news.

Cancerous Mankind cover artwork

Today we present to you the cover artwork for Desinence Mortification – Cancerous Mankind LP. The art was made in 1988 by Amir Obhođaš who has done some art for Patareni and Buka in the 80s and since DM guys are a huge fans of Patareni it seemed like a no brainer. The layout was done by Srečko Kulik. The record should be out by the end of February of 2020. There will be two versions. Regular black vinyl with the booklet and limited colored vinyl with the additional silk screened poster of their first gig.

Bolesno Grinje – The Last Grinjober LP out soon!

Bolesno Grinje “The Last Grinjober” LP will see the light of day in a couple of months. This is their final album after 20 years of grinding. It will be a co-release between Sumoggu Records, Monte Paradiso Reloaded and Fucking Kill Records. Story between BG and Sumoggu goes a long way back. Before there was Sumoggu, a couple of friends had Demonkracija Records and we wanted to realese their first demo on tape, but nothing came out of that. After ten years or so, with a couple of other labels we relased their “13” album (along with their last two albums) . This will be a nice way to finish the story.Check their new song Strvinari here: Strvinari

Desinence Mortification – Cancerous Mankind LP in the works

We are happy to announce that the next release on Sumoggu Records will be Desinence Mortification – Cancerous Mankind LP! They were a grindcore band from Croatia active from 1992 – 2015. This record will compile their first three studio recordings from the nineties. The ’94 demo, split 7″ ep with Excreted Alive from 1996 and split tape with S.M.C. from 1997. This year marks the 25th anniversary of their first demo, so hopefully the record will be out by the end of the year. Their main influences were: Patareni, Napalm Death, Fear Of God, Buka, ENT, Agathocles, Terrorizer, Defecation.