Another long overdue distro update

Арлекин – Извор на главоболките LP (hardcore punk noise from Macedonia)
Blades – S/T LP (Italian old school hardcore)
Crematorium – Chained To Torment LP (Italian death metal from 90/91)
Crucifixion – Necrolatry/Corpse Decapitation LP (Japanese death metal from 86/87)
Expulsion – Certain Corpses Never Decay 2LP (Swedish death/doom)
Genital Masticator – Me Voy A Cagar En Tu Puta Madre LP (Spanish noisecore from the 90s, 458 songs!)
Goli Deca – Manija LP (slow experimental)
Hoću?Neću! – Srpski San LP (Serbian thrashcore from the 90s finally on vinyl)
Horrible – Muertos Y Enterrados LP (Spanish old school grind/noise)
Human Gas – Super Violence Hardcore 1984-1985 2LP box (Japanese noisy hardcore punk)
Kpax! – S/T LP (Serbian Oi!/post punk)
Left To Starve – Nikada se nisam bojao zmija LP (doom/sludge)
Link Larm – Troppo Presto… LP (Italian hardcore punk from the 80s)
LouisXArmstrong – MMXXXV LP (fast hardcore)
Messiah Death – Invocated Unholy Tracks 2LP (Japanese death metal from the late 80s)
Morbid Scream – Bloodstains: 941 Longhorn Drive 2LP (US thrash metal from 1987-1989)
Mrtvi Kanal / Grč – Split LP (local punk/post punk, originally from 1983)
Nailed In – Shovel LP (hc punk)
Oblivion – Intention To Kill LP (US speed thrash from 1985)
Putefaction Sets In – Repugnant Inception Of Decomposing Paroxysm LP (goregrind)
Ratos De Porao – Necropolitica LP (latest album, black and red/black vinyl)
Rush To Relax – Misli LP (Macedonian indie rock/post punk)
Sacrilegio – Podredumbre 1986-1988 LP (Columbian death/thrash)
Sickness, The – Complete Sickness LP (pre-Kilslug)
Sore Throat – Never Mind The Napalm Here’s Sore Throat LP (reissue)
Sore Throat – Starving Wolves Stand And Fight LP (new album)
Sound Of Disaster – Valfard 1984-1985 LP (Swedish hardcore punk)
Sukob – Tvoje Misli Su Nečija Umjetnost LP (Crotian hardcore punk)
Transhunter – S/T LP (slow industrial)
Upside – S/T LP (Italian hardcore punk from the 80s)
Walking Korpses, The – All safe and dead LP (post punk, noise)
V/A – Novi Sad Hardcore Punk In The 80s Vol. 1 (demos from Atheist rap, Fluorel Tačkaš, Fear Of Dog, Kapetan Leshi)

Black Easter – Ready To Rot 7″ (reissue, originally from 1982)
Cold Brats / Pakt – Split 7″ (Romanian and Slovenian noisy punks)
Decry – S/T 7″ (reissue, originally from 1984)
Gargara – Versus Jesus 7″ (Macedonian hardcore punk)
Gut Feeling – S/T 7″ (aggressive US hardcore)
Mižerija – S/T 7″ (Croatian post punk)
Rules – …was it six or five shoots? 7”ep (hc punk)
Statico – Il Nostro Cimitero 7″ (Serbian hardcore punk on Refuse Records)
Talleen – S/T 7″ (post punk industrial)
The Truth – Tenzija 7”ep (hc punk)

Out Of The Darkness #12 (Serbian hardcore punk fanzine)
Out Of The Darkness #13 (same as above)

Fear Of God – S/T tape (A grind noise classic!)

Long overdue distro update

A lot of records came in since the last update, so here’s a list of the ones still available:

Agathocles – Anno 1990-The Happy Land Fire LP
Agathocles – Anno 1993-The Branch Davidians Bloodbath LP
Agathocles – Anno 1994-The Order Of the Solar Temple Suicides LP
Always Never Fun – Arrivereici LP
Anti-Cimex – The Complete Demos Collection 1982-1983 LP
Apsurd – Derealizacija/Svemu Će Doći Kraj LP
Bacterium – Sunt Lacrymae Rerum LP
Blood – Impulse To Destroy-30th Anniversary Edition 3LP
Bombarder – Ledena Krv LP
Bombarder – Okot Iz Pakla LP
Blue Holocaust – Flesh For The Cannibal God LP
Come To Grief – The Worst Of Times LP
Dawn Of Obliteration – Ruins LP
Dephosphorus – Sublimation LP
Disabuse – Demos Of War LP
Doom – Doomed From The Start (The Demo’s Album) LP
Doom – Rush Hour Of The Gods LP
Đornata / Silence Means Death – Split LP
Ego – Egoism LP
Faceless Burial – Speciation LP
Gorephilia – In The Eye Of Nothing LP
Grief – S/T LP
Grief – Dismal LP
Growls – Old School LP
H2SO4 – Reality Show LP
Hideous Chaos / Fron Terror – Split LP
In From The Cold / Nula – Menhir LP
Last Rites – S/T LP
Mordor – Hogar, Dulce Hogar LP
Mortal Wound / Gutless – Split LP
Necrot – Mortal LP
Nightmare – Thirsty And Wander LP
Normal Man – City Livin’ LP
Ona Snop – Geezer LP
Ossuary – Supreme Degradation LP
Pestpocken – Another World Is Possible LP
Pig Sweat – S/T LP
Serpent Eater – Vanitas LP
Siege – Drop Dead-Complete Discography 2LP
Slashing Death – Not Dead LP
Tortur – Demo LP
Toxic Minds – S/T LP
Tragedy – Fury LP
Undergang – Indhentet Af Doden LP
Unholy Grave / Sete Star Sept – Split LP
Vomi Noir – Les Myasmes De La Deliquescence LP
Wretched – Libero Di Vivere-Libero Di Morire LP
Wretched – La Tua Morte Non Aspetta LP
V/A – Hail To Bombarder 2LP
V/A – Votive Offerings LP

Depraved – Demo 2016 ep
Depraved / Scum Human – Split ep
Final Draft / Fissure – Split ep
Forged / ANF – Split ep
Ghaddar / Panaceja – Split ep
Noothgrush – Entropy/Life Shatters Into Pieces Of Anguish ep
Realized – Proud Of Fire Flag ep

Distro update

Here’s some new records that came in the last couple of months:

Agregat – Agregatke Dol LP
Black Curse – Endless Wound LP
Burmese – Privileged LP
Dažd – Krv i seme LP
Depressor S/T LP
Depressor – Filth/Grace LP
Drowned – Idola Specus LP
Fakofbolan – Provincija uzvraća udarac LP+CD
Funereal Presence – Achatius LP
Grey Walls – Asche LP
Gride – Hluboka Temna Modr LP
Grief – S/T LP
Grief – Dismal LP
Haggus – Plausibility of putridity LP
Hobbs’ Angel Of Death – Hobbs’ Satan’s Crusade LP
Legion Of Andromeda – Fistful of Hate LP
Leper – Frail Life LP
Nula – Pobjedimo laž 2xLP
Nyctophobic – War criminal Views LP
Propoved – Onaj koji niko jeste LP
Sijjin – Angel of the Eastern Gate LP
Warcollapse – Deserts Of Ash LP

Bolesno Grinje – The Last Grinjober LP out now!

Bolesno Grinje – The Last Grinjober LP is out now! Their last album ever, recorded in 2018. After 20 years of non stop grinding, they called it quits. And what better way to end it, then with this record. It is released by joint forces of Fucking Kill Records, Monte Paradiso Reloaded and Sumoggu. The record is limited to 300 copies. Check the bandcamp page for audio and if you want to buy the digital version, go to their bandcamp page and support them directly.

Desinence Mortification – Cancerous Mankind LP out now!

Desinence Mortification – Cancerous Mankind LP out now! Formed in early 90s, they were a leading force of the Pula (Croatia) grindcore and death metal scene. Active from 1992 until 2015, this compilation collects their first three studio recordings with the original line up. Their first demo from ’94, split 7″ep w/ Excreted Alive and split tape with S.M.C., have all been transfered from the original reels and minidisc and remastered. There’s two version of the record:
Gold vinyl limited to 150 copies includes 16 page booklet and silk screened poster of their first gig
Black vinyl limited to 250 copies includes 16 page booklet

Order through email, bandcamp or discogs page.

Bolesno Grinje artwork

Bolesno Grinje – The Last Grinjober LP artwork is done! The LP is about to go in production, so it should be out in late march/early april. This will be their last release after 20 years of grinding. Check their new song “Voices from the void”.

Posters are in!

The silk screened poster for the limited edition of Cancerous Mankind LP are done. Still waiting for the test pressings, but they should arrive soon. Check the site for more news.

Cancerous Mankind cover artwork

Today we present to you the cover artwork for Desinence Mortification – Cancerous Mankind LP. The art was made in 1988 by Amir Obhođaš who has done some art for Patareni and Buka in the 80s and since DM guys are a huge fans of Patareni it seemed like a no brainer. The layout was done by Srečko Kulik. The record should be out by the end of February of 2020. There will be two versions. Regular black vinyl with the booklet and limited colored vinyl with the additional silk screened poster of their first gig.

Bolesno Grinje – The Last Grinjober LP out soon!

Bolesno Grinje “The Last Grinjober” LP will see the light of day in a couple of months. This is their final album after 20 years of grinding. It will be a co-release between Sumoggu Records, Monte Paradiso Reloaded and Fucking Kill Records. Story between BG and Sumoggu goes a long way back. Before there was Sumoggu, a couple of friends had Demonkracija Records and we wanted to realese their first demo on tape, but nothing came out of that. After ten years or so, with a couple of other labels we relased their “13” album (along with their last two albums) . This will be a nice way to finish the story.Check their new song Strvinari here: Strvinari

Desinence Mortification – Cancerous Mankind LP in the works

We are happy to announce that the next release on Sumoggu Records will be Desinence Mortification – Cancerous Mankind LP! They were a grindcore band from Croatia active from 1992 – 2015. This record will compile their first three studio recordings from the nineties. The ’94 demo, split 7″ ep with Excreted Alive from 1996 and split tape with S.M.C. from 1997. This year marks the 25th anniversary of their first demo, so hopefully the record will be out by the end of the year. Their main influences were: Patareni, Napalm Death, Fear Of God, Buka, ENT, Agathocles, Terrorizer, Defecation.